Cordova Bay United Church has embarked on a visioning process that asks: what do we want to look like in 10 years and how do we get there? Council chair Bill Walker explained the process in a Minute for Mission talk to the congregation in April. This is how he began that talk:

"Good morning friends,

"Last year, the church council worked on developing a new Vision Statement for our congregation - a statement of what we will strive to become. The new Vision Statement, approved at the AGM of the congregation in February of this year, is: 'An inclusive community living out Christ's love  and care for the world'

"It was interesting and inspiring to work at defining our new Vision for our congregation. A lot of members worked hard on crafting the words to truly reflect our culture and our values.  But now the real work starts - we must determine the route we want to take to achieve the Vision. This is the task that lies before the council for this year, and it's a task we are approaching not without a degree of fear and trepidation. But it is a task that must be done if we are to continue to move towards our Vision - being an inclusive community living out Christ's love in the world."

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