Cordova Bay United Church

In today’s world we are inundated with ever-increasing demands on our time…our families…our lives. That’s where Cordova Bay United Church can help. We provide a quiet place amidst a busy, demanding world.



We're glad you're here and hope you find information that is helpful, inspirational, and leads you to a closer relationship with God.

The United Church works together with other Christian churches whenever possible, and among people of other religions in Canada and throughout the world, on matters of social justice, peace, and human dignity.

Carrot Seed Preschool

Carrot Seed Preschool is where children can wonder, discover, imagine, construct, and learn through play.

Your Church Community

Community and friendship are an important part of church life. Our congregation has activities and events that you can join or participate in that will help you meet people, make friends, and do worthwhile things.


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Carrot Seed Preschool