For about 20 years, the Ethel Wilson Women’s group of Cordova Bay United Church has sponsored the On the Ridge Christmas Craft Fair.  This year we are unable to gather in person due to Covid 19.  Our many crafters have supported us through the years and we would like to offer them support in promoting their talents.

As we can’t meet in person, we have made it easy for you to connect and order directly from our 2021 vendors.  Below you will find a graphic, a description and contact information to the On the Ridge Craft Fair artisans.  We hope you will support our skilled artists through on-line shopping for well-crafted products.

Scroll down to browse through the vendors’ information on how to contact them.  Any sales transactions will be directly between the buyer and the vendor; Cordova Bay United Church will not be involved in the on-line sales.


Thank you for visiting our site. We sincerely hope you enjoy the talents of our many On the Ridge Craft Fair talented crafters.

2 Clamorous Rooks – Pat Wiles and Janice Brown

The 2 Clamorous Rooks, Pat  Wilkes and Janice  Brown paint  fun whimsical – eclectic Art in watercolour and acrylics on new and recycled wood, paper and canvas.  We will also take orders to paint commission pictures.

We can be reached at External link opens in new tab or  or

on our Facebook page - Clamorous Rooks.


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External link opens in new tab or windowBlue Heron Art - Suzanne Heron

The Calendar: A unique celebration of Victoria and the Pacific Marine Circle Tour. Each month includes stunning original paintings by renowned local artists; tidbits of information; a recipe from a brilliant area chef; weather; events and holidays; and plenty of room to write.

Baby's First Year: Memories and milestones of your baby’s first year are held inside a calendar that starts when the baby starts. Each month includes space for a photo, milestones to look forward to, plenty of room to document special moments, and pictures of familiar west coast animals and scenery.

Growth Chart: Introduce the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest while creating a permanent record of your child’s growth. In both inches and centimetres from 2′ to 6′- 6″ (60 cm – 198 cm). It’s great for the whole family!

Cards - Scenes of our favourite places, blank cards or Christmas cards ("Wishing you a                                                                                                                                                                                                                       very merry Christmas!")

                                                                                                                                      You may contact me through External link opens in new tab or window



External link opens in new tab or windowDesigns by Birgitte  -  Birgitte MeaExternal link opens in new tab or windowgher

I especially like to work with natural fibers such as mohair and wool in monochromatic colours weaving shawls, blankets and fabric for jackets etc. I make knitted jackets, scarves and toques and  also  jackets with woven bodies and knitted sleeves. Christmas comes at the dark and dreary time of the year, and I, as many, feel a great need to decorate and brighten my home. I embroider red hearts with angels, Santa’s (Nisser), stars, flags etc. and hang them around the house.

Please contact me through email:

Website: External link opens in new tab or window


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External link opens in new tab or windowDragonwear – Judy Bishop

Dragonwear specializes in knitted hats for adults and kids, shawls, cowls, scarves, ponchos, socks (regular and yoga), toys, tea cozies, flat rat cat mats, tiny Christmas ornaments, gloves and fingerless mitts in colours and shapes for everyone. Hand knit in wools and synthetic yarns. Also hand dyed and spun yarns from sheep, alpaca, llama and even dog and cat wools.

Check my web site for many more items. External link opens in new tab or 


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External link opens in new tab or windowDuck Soup Mosaics - Trish Collins

At DuckSoupMosaics studio, Trish creates one of a kind Mosaic Fine Art, Decorative and Garden Mosaics – and provides workshops from The Basics to Specialty Mosaics.

For craft season, using mostly glass and fusions, she offers decorative pieces for the home and garden - mosaicked glass Lotion/Soap pumps, Oil/Detergent bottles, Lanterns, Bird-houses and the perfect gift for “Persons With Everything” – unique Mosaic Garden Rocks – great for winter weatherproof color! All pieces are created in time-tested traditional methods to be attractive, functional and long-lasting. She welcomes commissions.

Trish is honored to have been awarded First Place in the 2020 Pacific Northwest Glass Guild competition for her piece, “Silver Linings”.


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External link opens in new tab or windowEarthen Vessels PotteryExternal link opens in new tab or window  -  Nancy Wall

I enjoy creating classic vessels that bring dignity and beauty to the domestic rituals of daily living.

Tableware items are made from a porcelainous clay and include casseroles, pitchers and tumblers, teapots, cream & sugar, mugs, serving bowl sets, pie plates, rice/noodle bowls, butter bells, trays, Ikebana vases and more.

FOOD SAFE GLAZES. May be used in the oven, microwave & dishwasher.

You can contact me at: External link opens in new tab or or 250-479-3524


Elements  Pottery - Kris Jeffery  

I create both functional and decorative pottery.  I love to create one of a kind big bowls, appetizer sets, mugs and eye-catching pendants and vases.  My decorative pieces are mostly wall hangings using beach wood and beads to hang my crafted feathers, leaves and hearts, from.  I also enjoy making big masks of old gnarly faces, suns, moons, all for outdoor or indoor decoration. I can be reached by text or phone 205-920-6386  or by email - External link opens in new tab or

Instagram: External link opens in new tab or window 


German Stollen – Carola Trigg

I am selling our amazing Authentic German Christmas Stollen prepared by my dad, a third generation german pastry chef.

Ingredients:  Almonds, rum, raisins, marzipan, lemon/orange peel, yeast, white flour, butter, vanilla, salt, buttermilk, eggs and sugar.

They are $25 each.

Please contact me at External link opens in new tab or or at 250-881-3008.

We are happy to deliver – social distancing and masks in effect!


Heron Rock Glassworks – Tony Theriault

Whimsical Stained Glass Art pieces. Most pieces are created using the Tiffany style of Stained Glass as well as Copper Overlay where Molten Solder on copper foil is textured as cooling on art glass. Many pieces are mounted on beach wood or wood and others are framed for hanging or freestanding.

"Crafting" in glass since the early 90's, my craft has evolved as I play with new ideals, people, places and events that inspire me. Check out pictures of current work and availability. Custom work is always an option if you also have an idea or have something else in mind!

Contact me at : Facebook - Heron Rock; Instagram – heronrockglassworks;

email - External link opens in new tab or


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External link opens in new tab or windowJust Gini Jewelry - Gini Foley 

I developed my own style in working with bright and colourful beads and incorporating mixtures of glass, resin, metals and any other material that came my way  As a result, not being formally trained, I had no rules and new fun jewelry just kept happening.

Most of my customers are free spirited mature women with a sense of fun. I have had customers tell me that I put a sense of joy into my creations and the opportunity to buy something unique. If they are happy, I am too.

I live in Brentwood Bay and work out of my home.

My website External link opens in new tab or shows my style but not all my pieces.


Lillybean Toys  - Cathy Oreskovich

Lillybean Toys creates handmade Flip Dolls that have great play value. Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Cinderella come complete with various characters as you turn the doll over.  Each doll comes with the appropriate book.  As well Lillybean Toys makes sock monkeys which are fun and collectable. The collection includes ballerina cats and monkeys, pirates and super monkey all in different sizes.

More photos and prices are available upon request.

Please contact us at:  External link opens in new tab or or by phone 250 886-4028.


Lilykins Design - Shirley Obersteller

The ideal tote bags for your everyday needs made with 100% durable Quilting Cotton/Canvas with contrasting lining and eye-catching designs. Choose from magnetic snap or zipper closure lots of pockets inside and exterior zipper pockets. Hard base bottom for items that need standing up. Many choices of fabric to choose from. Lots of variety from Crossbody bags and totes to carry on your shoulder. The sizes range from totes to carry laptops/shopping and the smaller crossbody totes for that quick trip out or out walking.

Ideal Christmas present. Orders placed now will be ready for Christmas Contact Lilykins Designs @FB,

Shirley Obersteller @FB or 250 478 0770.


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External link opens in new tab or windowLisa’s Own - Lisa Newman

As we go forward in these uncertain times, Lisa’s Own is busy pickling and canning for the upcoming season. In the near future I will have my online store available through my website External link opens in new tab or - where you can shop and have contactless pick up at my home or when orders are placed I will have a spot where I can meet Victoria customers on a weekly or biweekly basis. There will be fresh baking and goodies and cheeseballs too of course!

You can also contact me by email External link opens in new tab or or by text 250-709-9383



Maple Syrup – Chris Chomyshyn

Chris is an Idigenous Anishnabe Member of Wasauksing First Nation who resides in Sooke BC, He travels annually to his traditional territory where he Operates the Sugar Bush Maple Syrup Production for his Community on Parry Island, Ontario.  Maple Syrup has been a source of pure, natural and sustainable sugar, Indigenous to North America for Centuries.  

Available this Christmas are Maple Syrup in various sizes ranging from 100ml, 250ml,500ml, Maple Cream or Butter in 125ml or 250ml, Soft Maple Candies in 4, 6 or 12 pack. and Maple Lollipops.”


Right now I have no operational website,, however my contact info is as follows:

External link opens in new tab or, 250 686 0116